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Stories move the world. Money measures it.

BIG Ventures is the VC fund for bad ideas, good stories, & great outcomes.

What’s a bad idea? 

Riding in a stranger’s car was a bad idea (Uber). Allowing people to know their DNA was a bad idea (23andMe). Dropping blood by drones was a bad idea (Zipline). We could go on. We love “bad ideas” that are both dumb and dumbfounding at first. 

What’s a good story?

Stories create worlds, ideas, and emotions that have influenced, inspired, and changed us for thousands of years. That’s not ending anytime soon. Our startups have stories that excite and engage us, and that’s why we offer “VC powered PR” that no other fund can match.

What’s a great outcome?

Phil Knight’s Nike manifesto included, “If we do the right things, we’ll make money damn near automatic.” Our thesis holds that if people live better and the planet lasts longer via our startups’ innovations, then the money will flow. 

Thesis + Values

Let’s start with our values. We have three big ones. They’re not for everyone, but for the people we work with and invest in, they’re everything: 

Total transparency: From our LP pitch deck to our investment assessment, we show how we operate to demystify the world of venture capital and keep ourselves and our startups hard core honest. Transparency begets accountability. 

Radical candor: We love Kim Scott’s framework of feedback, radical candor, which calls for saying what you think while also giving a damn about the person you’re saying it to. Radical candor keeps bullsh*t at bay and excellence underway.

Better together: As the African proverb says, “If you want to go far, go together.” We seek collaborative startups, humble founders, and diverse teams who know great outcomes require a bunch of brilliance. 

Now for what we invest in. We have a simple formula as our “North Star”:

People + Planet=Profit. 

Our vision is for people and the planet to live better and last longer.

We invest in Series A stage startups in healthtech and climate tech with checks around $5 million.

Bad Ideas so far

→ Sleek and sustainable shower curtains
→ Cool caps for cancer 

More announced soon as our fund is deployed. Have a bad idea that fits our thesis? Text us.

Good stories

All the good stories, get ‘em here. Stay tuned!

Total transparency 

Another bad idea in venture? We don’t think so. Here’s our total transparency around our process, operations, and why startups with bad ideas work with us: 

Coming soon: 
Our investment assessment 
What you get with us 
Our LP deck 
Our term sheet 
Our LP reports 
ESG Policy 

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